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 System for Devil Fruit Users (One Piece)

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PostSubject: System for Devil Fruit Users (One Piece)   Tue May 18, 2010 7:26 pm

Every One piece user will be part of a crew. For right now we will have only 3 Crews total.
-Every Crew needs to have a Captain. Each user that comes on and makes Devil Fruit user will pick a fruit from the list and will take a seat in a Crew of their choice. The Captain of the Crew can rename it to whatever they like. For right now it will be Crews, One, Two, And Three.
-The Captains will be picked by the first peopel that come on and make themselves a Devil Fruit User.
-The Order of the Crew will be As Follows:
Each Crew needs-

2.A Swordsman
3.A Gunner
4.A Cook
5.A Theif

Each Pirate Crew will also have to have a picture of their flag in the One Piece Forum under their Crew's name. If you do now have one within 3 days of your crews creation, One will be assigned to you.
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System for Devil Fruit Users (One Piece)
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