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 Naruto Rules and Character Template

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PostSubject: Naruto Rules and Character Template   Tue May 18, 2010 7:41 pm

Ok first the template
Name:What your characters name is of course :p
Rank:Genin Chunin Jounin Hokage to be higher then genin have to have admin or moderator premission
Village:any vilalge konoha lighting mist etc
Chakra Element:Wind fire earth lighting water
Known attacks

Fighting Style:Genjutsu taijutsu ijutsu (Medical Ninjutsu) geijutsu(ink jutsu)
Bloodline: the clan or cutsom bloodline uchiha nara jashin etc
Clan:deals with bloodline
Bio:at least 1 paragraph.

1.You can not be higher then a genin inless you have moderator premission.
2.You can choose 3 types of jutsu to begin with
3.You will have to consult a moderator for new jutsu to learn them.
4.To have two elements you have to post what they make and have to get 2 approves by the staff examples wood=water and earth.
5.Each village will be assigned a hokage the irst people to be in naruto will be the Hokage in the designated village they wanted.
6. Each squad will need a captain or a chunin/jonin
7 each squad need at least 1 genin and no more then 3
8.The hokages will start with 6 jutsu originaly and can learn up to rank s jutsu from the begining and can choose to form alliance with other villages.
9. There will only be allowed 4 jashin bloodline. We don't need a million of them running around.
10.Genin are e-c rank jutsu,Chunin e-b jonin e-a and then anbu e-ss hokage e-forbidden
11. Must have premission to be a jinchurikin
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Naruto Rules and Character Template
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