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 System for the Bleach Users (All Races)

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System for the Bleach Users (All Races) Empty
PostSubject: System for the Bleach Users (All Races)   System for the Bleach Users (All Races) Icon_minitimeTue May 18, 2010 7:43 pm

We'll try to do this like the actual Bleach anime. There will be 13 squads with as many members in them as needed. In order to become a captain you will need to claim it before someone else does. Once you have it, you have it. So get em while they last. There is NO Leader by the way.
Every Squad will consist of the Following:

1. A Captain
2. A Lieutenant
3. A Second Seat Member
4. A Third Set Member
5. And then the Rest of the Squad members

Players can assign themselves to whatever squad they wish. But once the squads get off balance Me or one of the Aces will begin to move members to one of the less filled squads. Every seat is taken the same way. First come, First serve. If a seat is taken do not harass the member until they give it up or ask any higher up.
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System for the Bleach Users (All Races)
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