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 Zilo the jashin

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Posts : 27
Join date : 2010-05-16
Age : 25
Location : Kakura Town

Character Info (RP)
Name: Scoapimp
Type: Diclonius
Weapon: Vectors

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PostSubject: Re: Zilo the jashin   Zilo the jashin Icon_minitimeTue May 18, 2010 8:37 pm

This character has been approved for RP use in the Forum.

Have Fun! ^_^
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Join date : 2010-05-18
Age : 30
Location : Jones

Character Info (RP)
Name: Zilo
Type: Ninja
Weapon: Scythe

Zilo the jashin Empty
PostSubject: Zilo the jashin   Zilo the jashin Icon_minitimeTue May 18, 2010 8:11 pm

Rank:Medical Anbu
Picture:Zilo the jashin Anbu
Village:Non (traveler)
Chakra Element:Wind
Known attacks
Ecstasy ring:Makes the opponent feel pure Ecstasy for 1 post Rank d=1 post c=2 b=3 a=4 s=5 ss=6
Ijuto:Summons the medical scalpel
Summon: Summons a reaper to his side. And gains the Jashin scythe.
Fighting Style:Ijutsu(medical nin)
Bloodline: (immortal) Automatically learns Jashin scythe Seal
Bio:He was introduced into jashinism when he was 8. He was finally accepted into it when he had turned 16. Ever since then he has always been a Medical nin and protecting other. He enjoyed helping others and if they threatened to kill him. He had always killed them. He could never die. He was always alone with no one to ever accept him as himself

Jinchurikin: I am none of them.
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Zilo the jashin
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